Estrategia de Cohesión Territorial y Social

Territorial and Social Cohesion Strategy

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Cohesión territorial

The Territorial and Social Cohesion Strategy has been developed with the consensus of all departments in Navarra’s regional government to move towards a more cohesive, balanced, and prosperous society. On the one hand, this strategy ties in the territorial aspect – seeking to promote and develop different areas within the region of Navarra and mitigating depopulation – with the social aspect, in order to fight poverty and inequalities, and move towards achieving well-being for the population as a whole.

The Territorial and Social Cohesion Strategy includes 49 projects, led by a dozen departments, which represent an investment of more than 1.5 billion euros:

✔ Territorial Cohesion
This department will lead seven projects, with a budget of around 850 million euros, including the NAVanza Plan for the construction of resilient towns and cities, and several key infrastructures in the development of Navarra such as the Navarra Canal and the improvement of the N-121-A road linking Pamplona with Behobia.

✔ Health
 In the area of Health, four major projects have been planned, amounting to 240 million euros, which include the expansion of hospital health care, mental health, and public health services.

✔ Economic and Business Development
100 million has been earmarked for seven projects aimed at attracting new companies to Navarra and boosting entrepreneurship.

✔ Education
On the basis that Education plays a key role in inclusion and integration, the Cohesion Strategy has set aside 183 million euros for the improvement of educational infrastructures and the promotion of digital tools.

✔ Social Rights
Nearly 89 million euros will be channelled into reorienting long-term care in the face of population ageing, together with strengthening social services and introducing the Single Electronic Social Record. 

✔ Presidency, Equality, Public Service and Home Affairs
 The Strategy provides 37 million euros to launch a network of autonomous communities to combat violence against women, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation. In addition, new resources will be promoted for reception and integration.  

✔ Culture and Sport
The launch of an Audiovisual Hub and a Technical Space for the Culture of Navarra are two of the major projects led by the Department of Culture and Sport, which has earmarked 33 million euros.

✔ Territorial Organisation, Housing, Landscape, and Strategic Projects
The cohesion initiatives led by this department include the promotion and development of the northern part of Navarra, through a Plan for the Pyrenees and the renovation of Arce Palace. The department also plans to promote sustainability in Alloz and foster rural mobility. All with an estimated budget of around 17 million. 

✔ Citizen Relations
 With an investment of 16 million euros, a Strategic Plan for Coexistence in Navarra will be launched alongside the II Strategic Plan for the Basque Language. In addition, the Marqués de Rozalejo building will be renovated as the headquarters of Navarra’s Institute for Memory.  

✔ Migration Policies and Justice
 Within the Cohesion Strategy, a Plan to Combat Racism and Xenophobia will be developed, the learning of Navarra's official languages among the immigrant population will be encouraged, and a new model of law enforcement will be introduced in the region. The budget envisaged for all of this is more than 4 million euros.