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Estrategia Digital Navarra 2030 - título

Navarra Digital Strategy 2030

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The Navarra Digital Strategy 2030 is aimed at transforming Navarra into a fully digital smart region, improving living standards and guaranteeing social and economic development in response to the challenges posed by a global, digital world.
Navarra’s digital transformation by 2030 rests on three fundamental pillars:

✔ Full connectivity
Navarra’s broad communication network will be furthered to achieve full high-quality connectivity across the territory. This is key to offering equal opportunities for personal development and economic activity.

✔ Data-driven decision making 
Using advanced analytics, the Administration will be able to think ahead, identifying problems in advance. Data should flow between different areas in the Administration to make decision-making processes more efficient, agile and operative.

✔ Digital literacy
Civil servants will be trained in the provision of digital services and the use of new digital tools, and citizens will be offered easy-to-use services. Also, work will be done to train professional experts in digital technology and to build the scientific community and the business sector Navarra needs for development.

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