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Environmental Transition Strategy – Green Navarra

Navarra’s Strategy for Environmental Transition, Green Navarra, is aimed at offering sustainable alternatives to the current production model and promoting social change in response to the climate emergency and the current health crisis. It is a transformation plan comprising 74 environmental, social and economic sustainability projects, in line with the European Green Deal.

The strategy is structured into six areas for intervention:

✔ Construction and energy efficiency 
Development of zero-energy buildings, implementation of urban regeneration and rehabilitation policies, industrialisation of construction, promotion of energy efficiency among citizens and businesses.

✔ Promotion of the circular economy
Design of a circular city, waste management, development of industrial facilities based on the circular economy, financial support to innovation in this area.

✔ Modernisation and promotion of rural areas
Modernisation of agricultural production systems, mitigation of climate change through the use of renewable energy, promotion of the use of biomass and extensive farming, encouragement of safe, sustainable and local food consumption.

✔ Conservation and management of biodiversity
Reforestation and certified forest management, investment in Natura 2000 Network management plans, Green Infrastructure Strategy, Ebro Resilience Strategy and other waterway restoration projects.

✔ Commitment to renewable energy
Development of renewable energy generator farms, strengthening of the industrial ecosystem, development of wind energy with industrial innovation, photovoltaic solar energy, green hydrogen, energy mixes and storage systems.

✔ Sustainable and innovative mobility
Shock investment plan, public-private partnerships, technology and testing infrastructure, last-mile delivery project.

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